Extensions & Renovations

At SALIX, we believe a home should be a reflection of your life.

Standing in the front door of a house you have just bought is magic. It's like finding treasure. Your thoughts cascade through the possibilities of how this property will mould to your life, most probably with a few modification. SALIX will embrace your passion and vision, from a renovated bathroom to a whole new floor plan. We use the same culture, experience, craftsmanship and process that have been the hallmark of SALIX, to make your possibilities a reality.

One thing that can be counted on in life is change.

Children grow up, hobbies become passions and careers progress. When these changes happen, your home may no longer reflect your needs. You value your interests, and these should be realized in your home.


3 The Business Centre

618 Kilshane Ave


Dublin 15, Ireland

+353 (87) 674 2680